Enjoying Life - Social Media Edition

I've posted quite a few photos (a lot for me, at least) on a few social media sites the past couple of months. One of my cousins commented on one of those photos--a typical photo of me enjoying scotch and cigars on a weekend, the one below, actually:

A lovely afternoon in the mountains of Colorado enjoying single malt scotch and a cigar.

A lovely afternoon in the mountains of Colorado enjoying single malt scotch and a cigar.

My cousin's comment was: "You always look like you're enjoying life."

I thought about the comment and for the most part I think I do enjoy life, however, I am at times dour and cynical and unhappy. Chalk it up to my day job in law enforcement, I suppose. And even with my job there are many days of awesome and it's all fuel for my writing. But the point of this post isn't to complain or point out that my life sucks. It doesn't. It's not even close to sucking. I'm fortunate and I am aware of how fortunate I am.

One of the many points I'm attempting to make is this: I choose to use social media and interact on social media in positive ways. People will typically only see positive items from me on the internet and that may give the impression I'm having a good time, all the time (extra credit if you got that movie quote, I'll put the answer below). You know what? I certainly attempt to have a good time, but most of the time. Life is too short.

Sure, I may slip in a post or comment once in a while that isn't positive, but that is rare event. I will comment or post on grief, but grief is my exception to "negative" comments and posts on social media. I don't often vent or discuss personal problems and issues (I think I commented once that I needed to listen to Slayer or some death metal during a commute, but that was sort of meant to be funny though the commute that day was horrible). The people who need to know my personal matters are made aware and I'll discuss those in person or in private messages and email. I prefer speaking to people and seeing their reactions and body language (again, my job requires speaking with people face to face rather than through email, texting, and utilizing emojis). I'm not good at emailing people back or even participating in text discussions. Actually being in the company of people works for me.

There is enough negativity and hate in the world without me chiming in and adding more to that pile of you know what. I rarely complain on social media, and rarely get upset and make negative comments on social media. Why would I? There are too many people doing that already and what does it accomplish? Negativity is low hanging fruit, and even if you mean well and are trying to have a civilized dialogue, people are too easily outraged these days over someone else's opinion. I do not typically engage in political disputes or those regarding religion. There are more mundane and useless items people get upset over, such as trending news: I don't care if Bieber grabbed his crotch, or that the Coldplay guy said Rihanna was the Frank Sinatra of this generation. I'm a huge Sinatra fan, but really, who cares? But people get upset and "outraged" over that sort of nonsense.

I applaud the dedication of the people working for me, but I tell them from time to time that on their deathbed they aren't going to be thinking about all those extra hours they put in working. Instead, I'd likely lament not having spent enough time with family and friends, and perhaps thinking such things as: "Why didn't I travel more?" or "I should have gotten back in touch with (insert name of person here)," or "I always wanted to learn to (insert thing here)." That sort of thing. Along the same lines: will you be thinking about the person who trolled you on the internet or that thing you can't even remember that upset you so much on the internet all those years ago? I doubt it. I'm not saying don't take up a cause, please do. Just don't get too upset when people sh*t all over it, they're not worth the time and energy, especially when hiding behind a computer screen somewhere on the internet. Have meaningful discussions with your friends and acquaintances, in person if at all possible. Hell, try a Google Hangout, even that's way better than flame wars with people you don't really know, or even want to know. I've found people tend to be more reasonable when having to look me in the eye.

There are so many wonderful topics to write about and discuss, why would I choose to drop more negativity into an already overflowing cesspool of hate, negativity, and derision? I want to smile, but I'm too often frowning when I'm on certain social media sites.

Enough negativity! I started going down that path during this post and I'm done with it!

I enjoy posting about books, writing, film, travel, music, mens style (or lack of), outings with my wife, my cats, drinking (scotch, gin, mules, beer, and, you get the picture), smoking cigars, and sitting on my deck.

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 Eater of boats

 Eater of boats

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Enjoy life!

Oh, here is the quote I mentioned above. It's from the awesome "Rockumentary", This Is Spinal Tap:

"Have...a good time...all the time." Viv Savage, keyboardist for Spinal Tap.

A funny film, and even funnier if you've been in a band.